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Why You Should Travel to Zanzibar

Few places in the world can induce images of pristine turquoise waters, white powdered sandy beaches, and tropical palm-tree paradise like Zanzibar. It’s a semi-autonomous territory of Tanzania located just off the country’s coast but with its own unique heritage and cultural flavor. It feels like an entirely different world, offering a unique cultural experience while also being a tranquil setting for pure relaxation. I can safely say that I found my personal slice of paradise here.


There are plenty great places on the island so in order to get the best experience and see the highlights I would recommend spending three weeks or more. What I wouldn’t recommend is rushing around Zanzibar like many people do, as this is a destination worth exploring slowly.

Zanzibar is a relatively small island but it’s still big enough to the point where you have to decide where to go, and which destination will best suit your interests. That’s why it’s always important to have an itinerary planned before you start traveling and that being said I’ve done all the research for you and created this three-week Zanzibar itinerary that I can promise will be a holiday that you will always remember.